Poonam Singh

Brain teasers are quite popular among people of all age groups. Brain teasers come in various forms, ranging from simple to incredibly difficult. Whether you’re trying to solve a math problem or figuring out a tricky word puzzle, they are always fun to solve.

So, if you want a fun mental workout right away, try your hand at this mathematical puzzle and see how well you do.

Hungarian graphic artist Gergely Dudás posted the brain teaser on Instagram with the caption, “Can you help bear make the equation correct using 3 of the four symbols?” 

The brain teaser features a board with a few numbers and mathematical signs. What you need to do is to help the bear to make the equation correct by using any three of the four given symbols.

Since being posted on May 4 on the photo-sharing app, the brain teaser it has received a plethora of likes and comments.

Here’s how people reacted to the mathematical puzzle:

An Instagram user posted, “10x6/5-4=8.” “ove the little bird 🐦 such a nice touch” wrote another. A third added, “Founded it! 

But it should be with brackets to be correct,” while a fourth shared, “But you know that when you have division and multiplication in one problem, you do it from left to right.” Many even commented, “Got it”. 

Those who were able to solve it correctly, give yourself a pat on the back. However, for those who were left scratching their heads, we’ve got you covered. Here is the solution for you 10/5=2 * 6=12 - 4 = 8.