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A woman YouTuber from South Korea, identified as Hyojeong Park, hogged the headlines after she was sexually harassed on a Mumbai street on Wednesday. Now, Park has expressed her gratitude towards her rescuers by having lunch together with them.

Earlier, the video of the entire incident went viral on social media, with netizens demanding immediate action against the youths raising safety concerns of tourists in Mumbai.

As was evident from the video, while Park was live-streaming in the suburban Khar area around 8 pm, a youth made attempts to harass her. The youth came very close to her and tried to pull her by holding her hand even when she protested.

However, Park escaped from his clutch and tried to return to her place. But, the youth followed him on the road and again tried to repeat his actions. Fortunately, the youth and his aide were interrupted by another youth, identified as Atharva Tikkha. 

While speaking to the media, Park said, “It happened to me in another country, but at that time I couldn't do anything to call Police. I didn't have the capacity to go to the Police station after that, because it was midnight, I didn't know how to file a case, I didn't know how to give evidence. In India, action is being taken very quickly. I've been in Mumbai for over three weeks, planning to stay longer.” 

Further, she added, “I don't want this one bad incident to ruin my whole travel and my passion to show wonderful India to other countries.”

Later, the two accused, identified as Mobeen Chand Mohammad Shaikh and Mohammad Naqeeb Sadrealam Ansari were arrested and sent to police custody for one day.

Expressing her gratitude towards her rescuers, Park shared a photo and video thanking the youth who helped her to rescue. 

She captioned her post, “Lunch with two Indian gentlemen who help me to post the video and save me on the street👍 Aditya & Atharva”

In the video, she introduced her rescuers with pride. 

Later on Saturday, she shared another selfie with the police team who nabbed both the youths who harassed her.

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