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Nora Fatehi Stuns Her Fans Again; Zaalima Coca Cola Viewed 8 Million Times In 9 Hrs #Watch

Actress Nora Fatehi's Zaalima Coca Cola was finally released on Wednesday ending a long wait for her fans.

Man From Rural Odisha Earning Lakhs With Food & Cooking Videos On YouTube

Pandemic has ruined livelihoods. But this unassuming man from a nondescript village in Odisha has turned it into an opportunity – a big one! In a span of a year or so, Isak Munda has become a hit on YouTube and is earning lakhs.

YouTube TV '4K Plus' Tier Brings 4K Streaming

Google-owned video-streaming giant YouTube TV is introducing a new add-on that introduces 4K quality, downloads and unlimited simultaneous streaming on a home network to the Google live TV subscription service.

YouTube Classes
Odisha School Classes From Next Week, Guidelines For YouTube Streaming Of Secondary School Classes

Ahead of commencement of online classes next week, Odisha government has released a set of guidelines to be followed during the virtual classes through YouTube live streaming for students of elementary classes across the state.

YouTube Music Introduces 'Replay Mix' Feature For Most Played Songs

The playlist, which currently appears ahead of My Supermix in the "Mixed for you" section of the app, features the standard record-inspired cover art in cool tones of blue, green and orange.

YouTube On Mobile Gets Loop Option For Playing Videos

Google-owned YouTube on mobile has reportedly gained a Loop video option allowing users to repeat their currently playing content for as long as they want.

How To Change YouTube Channel Name Without Editing Google Account
How To Change YouTube Channel Name Without Editing Google Account

San Francisco: Google-owned video streaming platform YouTube is now making it easier for users to change their channel’s name without needing to make any sort of alterations to the associated…

YouTube To Make Violative Content View Data Public

New Delhi: Google-owned YouTube, which has removed over 83 million videos and seven billion comments for violating its community guidelines since 2018, has announced to build greater transparency and accountability…

YouTube Experimenting With Hiding Dislikes To Protect Creators

New Delhi: Google-owned YouTube has confirmed it is experimenting with hiding dislikes to protect creators and channels from targeted attacks to downvote their videos. YouTube said in a tweet late on Wednesday that in response to creator feedback around well-being and targeted dislike campaigns, it is testing a few new designs that don’t show the […]

Youtube Announces Supervised Content, More Parental Control

San Francisco: Google-owned video-streaming platform YouTube has unveiled a new feature that would help parents to control what their kids watch on the platform by enabling different content settings on the platform. The new feature will give parents the ability to choose from Explore, Explore More and Most of YouTube. “Over the last year, we’ve […]

YouTube Cracks Down On Music Videos Related To Farmer Protests

New Delhi: Google-owned YouTube on Tuesday blocked a music video by famous Punjabi singer Kanwar Grewal titled ‘Ailaan’ that was related to the farmer protests and raked in over 60 lakh views. YouTube has placed a notification on the original video, saying “This content is not available on this country domain due to a legal […]

YouTube Deletes New Trump Video, Suspends Fresh Uploads

San Francisco: Google-owned YouTube, which is yet to permanently ban the outgoing US President Donald Trump, has removed a new video from his account for violating the content policies. The company has also issued a “strike” against his account, meaning he cannot upload new videos or livestream content for at least a week. “After careful […]

YouTube Will Now Warn Users To Reconsider Before Posting Offensive Comments

New Delhi: Google-owned video streaming platform YouTube is launching a new feature that is aimed at reducing offensive comments on the platform The feature will warn users when their comment may be offensive to others, giving them the option to reflect before posting. From the reminder, the commenter can move forward with posting the comment […]

YouTube Now Supports 8K Video Playback For Android TV App

San Francisco: The latest YouTube for Android TV update has reportedly started rolling out limited support for 8K streaming. According to a report in Android Police, YouTube TV for Android v. 2.12.08 version includes support for 8K streaming to TVs running Android 10 and above. The changelog states that the update brings 8K streaming support […]

YouTube Faces Massive Outage In India, Back Now

New Delhi: Google-owned YouTube experienced a major outage in India and elsewhere on Thursday morning and the users were unable to watch videos owing to loading issues. DownDetector website showed severe user reported problems with YouTube, indicating the problem was widespread and numerous users on Twitter reported that YouTube wasn’t working for them. “If you’re […]

'Baby Shark' Most Watched Video Of All Times On YouTube

San Francisco: The addictive children’s rhyme Baby Shark has become the most-watched video ever on Google-owned YouTube, overtaking the previous record-holder Despacito. Recorded by a South Korean educational entertainment company Pinkfong, the song has now been played over 7.04 billion times, according to YouTube. The two-minute song video features some animated baby sharks underwater and […]

YouTube In India Hits 325 Million Monthly Unique Viewers

New Delhi: Google-owned YouTube on Wednesday said the platform is now being watched by over 325 million unique viewers (over 18 and above) month on month in India and it is the top platform for accessing videos in regional languages in the country. YouTube creators in India are now entering diverse categories, driving massive watch […]

Google To Boost Fake News, Illegal Content Monitoring On YouTube

Seoul: Google’s video-sharing platform YouTube will cooperate with South Korea to closely monitor and prevent the spread of fake news and illegal content. Google’s Senior Vice President Neal Mohan made the comments during a videoconference with Han Sang-hyuk, chairman of the Korea Communications Commission (KCC). The remarks came after Han requested such cooperation, considering fake […]

YouTube Targets TikTok With New 15-Second Video Test

New Delhi: Google-owned YouTube appears to have taken an aim at TikTok as the Google-owned platform has now started testing a way to record multi-segment videos that run up to a maximum length of 15 seconds. The 15-second video format, made popular by TikTok, is now being increasingly tried by other social media platforms as […]

YouTube Music Set To Replace Google Play Music

New Delhi: In line with its plan to retire Play Music, Google on Tuesday started inviting users of the service to transfer their music libraries, personal taste preferences and playlists to YouTube Music. “We want to ensure everyone has time to transfer their content and get used to YouTube Music, so we’ll provide plenty of […]

YouTube reduces its video streaming quality to standard definition in India
YouTube reduces its video streaming quality to standard definition in India

New Delhi: Google-owned YouTube on Wednesday announced that it is reducing streaming quality for users in India in order “to reduce strain on Internet networks during the coronavirus pandemic.” In India, YouTube will temporarily default HD and ultra-HD streaming to SD content at bitrates no higher than 480p on mobile networks, until March 31. “We […]

Google removing fake corona videos from YouTube
Google Removing Fake Coronavirus-Related Videos From YouTube: Sundar Pichai

San Francisco: Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai said the company has taken down thousands of videos related to dangerous or misleading coronavirus information using its Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based technology. In a blog post, Pichai said that since January, Google has blocked hundreds of thousands of ads attempting to capitalize on the coronavirus pandemic. “Last week, […]

YouTube hits 20mn paid subscribers, 2mn join YouTube TV

San Francisco: Google-owned YouTube has reached 20 million music and premium paid subscribers and over 2 million YouTube TV paid subscribers. YouTube ended 2019 at a $3 billion annual run rate in YouTube subscriptions and other non-advertising revenues, Alphabet Founder and CEO Sundar Pichai announced on Monday. YouTube logged $15 billion in annual ad revenue […]

Man caused virtual traffic jam on Google Maps with with 99 phones

Berlin: Call it bizarre but a German artist Simon Weckert has posted a video on YouTube, showing how he “hacked” Google Maps with 99 smartphones and a wagon to create “virtual traffic jams” on the streets of Berlin. Weckert put 99 smartphones with Google Maps on into a small wagon cart and then wheeled that […]

Toddler Who Learnt 'Heimlich' From YouTube Saves Cousin

New Delhi: A nine-year-old boy named Timothy Prather from the US, who learned ‘Heimlich’ from YouTube, saved his three-year-old cousin Connor from choking last week. The Heimlich technique includes giving abdominal thrusts to help a person who is choking. Timothy Prater had seen it in YouTube videos. When Prater’s cousin started stomping his feet and […]