Cassian Baliarsingh

A Pakistani female YouTuber has been earning applauds online for standing up against a man who tried to moral police her for her attire. In the widely circulated video, the man can be seen instructing her to cover her head with a scarf or shawl.

He even threatens her that she had committed a ‘crime’ by standing in front of him without wrapping her head with a shawl or scarf. Shockingly, he even took his own shawl and tried to put it on the young YouTuber’s head.

Instead of getting threatened, the young girl stood up for herself and vehemently opposed his unwanted gesture.

“Why do Islamic beliefs and morals always come down to wearing a dupatta?” the woman roared even as she was surrounded a dozen of men. She further asserted that it was her decision and he was no one to touch her or wrap a shawl around her.

She later pointed out that he was the one who has committed a crime by touching a woman (her) without her consent. “You are not in my blood relations. So why did you touch me without my permission? Is this what Islam teaches you?” she questioned.

The viral video has sparked a debate on religious fanatics pushing women, children and youth to follow religion as per their understanding.

“Allah is 4 all in his created universe having varied innumerable diversities amongst ppl of all faiths gender etc. So we can appease Allah loving much fm heart & soul. That is all here. Not covering face etc explicitly4all. Allah sees attitude & heart. Better to cover body moderately,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “Someone please tell me she’s safe and well nowadays.”

“Hats off to the girl for standing up for herself!! It takes courage to do so in a country like that!!,” commented another user.