Cassian Baliarsingh

A YouTuber and Vlogger from South Korea had the most harrowing experience of her life after she was allegedly hugged without her consent and harassed in Pune. The woman vlogger identified as Kelly was filming her experiences in India when she was harassed on camera by two men.

The vlogger with 1.68 lakh subscribers on YouTube was exploring the streets of Pune when she had the harrowing experience. A man put his arm around her neck without her consent as if he was trying to hug her.

The video begins with Kelly walking on the streets of Pune and narrating how clean the city is. She then enters an exhibition where she goes to different stalls and interacts with the shopkeepers. She then goes to a tender coconut seller and drinks coconut water.

She is approached by a few men as she sips the coconut water through a straw and continues her filming. All of a sudden, a young man comes near her and puts his hand around her neck. The woman seems to be in disbelief and the smile on her face fades away.

“I had to run away,” she says as she speeds away from the men. ‘Bye bye Namaste,’ she can be heard saying. 

She then adds, “Wow, they really like to hug. I don’t know why. Let’s go. Let’s run away.” 

Kelly shared the video on YouTube and highlighted that there are bad people everywhere and India is such a good place.

“Wherever you travel, you meet bad people. This is everywhere. So please don’t judge every Indian. In my experience, India is such a good place to live,” she says at the beginning of the video. 

Earlier, she had shared a video of how an auto-rickshaw driver called her the ‘Guest of India’ and gave her a free ride.