Poonam Singh

On Christmas Eve, homes and public spaces come alive with festive decorations, with the traditional Christmas tree taking the centre stage.

Amid this festive spirit, here's an engaging themed optical illusion for you. The challenge is to spot three bells for the Christmas tree decoration.

Notably, optical illusions are tricky images that are often perceived in a manner that differs from their actual reality. However, they are a fun way to exercise your brain muscles to sharpen it.

Hungarian graphic artist Gergely Dudas has created a viral Christmas-themed illustration and shared the picture on Instagram that has caught the internet's attention.

He captioned the image: “Happy Holidays! Can You find THREE BELLS??”

Pic Credit: Instagram/dudolfPic Credit: Instagram/dudolf

Dudas has challenged the netizens to find three bells in the picture which depict a Christmas get-together of a fox, bear, rabbit, a little birdie and a tortoise by a fireplace with a Christmas trees in the background and festive decorations.

Many netizens successfully spotted the animals with empty glasses and shared about it in the comments section. 

One user wrote, “Oh, FUN!! Merry Christmas” while another wrote, “Found them!! And I just want to let you know that your images always bring me so much joy. This one especially so.”

If you haven’t found the ‘THREE BELLS’ here is a hint for you.

If you look at the Christmas tree, you might see a bell on it. If you then look at the socks hung over the fire place, you can find another. Lastly, the third one is on the picture frame above the fireplace.

Pic Credit: Instagram/dudolfPic Credit: Instagram/dudolf