Cassian Baliarsingh

Popular Television actress Krishna Mukherjee, best known for her role in ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’, has brought serious allegations of torture and harassment against her producers. The actress, who was last seen in the TV show ‘Shubh Shagun’ opposite Shehzada Dhami in 2022, shared her distressed experiences on Instagram.

In an Instagram post, Krishna opened up about her battle with depression and anxiety that she said began during the shooting of ‘Shubh Shagun’. She further revealed that she was not paid for months together and was forced to work even when she was sick.

Taking to her Instagram handle, she wrote, “I never had the courage to speak my heart out but today I decided not to hold it back anymore. I am going through tough times and the last one and a half year was not at all easy for me. I am depressed, and anxious and cried my heart out when I was alone. It all started when I started doing my last show Shubh Shagun for Dangal TV. That was the worst decision of my life. I never wanted to do it but I listened to others and signed the contract.”

Her post further continued, “The production house and the producer Kundan Singh have harassed me so many times. They even once Locked me in my makeup room because I was unwell and I decided not to shoot because they were not paying me for my work plus I was unwell, they were banging on my makeup room's door as if they would break it , when I was changing my clothes. They never cleared my payments to date for 5 months. And it's a really big amount. I have been to the production house and dangal office but they never entertained me.”

“My hands are still shivering while writing this but I had to, this is the reality. My family was asking me not to post because they are still scared what if these people harm me,” she further added.

The producers against whom the actress has brought the allegations could not be contacted for their version.