Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The recent firing incident outside Bollywood superstar Salman Khan's residence shook everyone. Apart from his family members, fans of Bhaijaan were quite concerned for the actor. Though several accused have been arrested and the security of the actor has been beefed up, the incident still remains a matter of concern for many including Salman Khan's ex-girlfriend Somy Ali.

During a recent exclusive interview with Hindustan Times, Somy Ali recalled leaving Bollywood after her highly-publicised breakup with Salman Khan and also expressed concerns over the recent shooting incident outside the actor's residence.

Somy was quoted as saying, “I came back to the US at the age of 24 years after my break-up, it's not hidden from anyone. The whole world knows and I don't want to repeat it again and again."

Further, Somy mentioned that she doesn't want to repeat about her breakup with Salman, especially what is happening with the actor right now. She even stated that she won't wish upon her enemy what Sallu has been through. 

She said, "My prayers are with him. No matter what has happened, let bygones be bygones. I would never ever wish something like that to happen to anyone, be it Salman, Shah Rukh or my neighbour.”

"I would never want Salman or his family to endure any pain, and I wish him all the best. When my mother and I learned about this incident, we were shocked. We pray that he is not harmed. He and his family always have our blessings," she added.

Furthermore, Somy said, "Everyone is image-conscious, be it you, me, Salman, Shah Rukh or anybody. So, he did whatever he felt was right on his part. But currently, my focus is on what he is going through. Nobody deserves what he is experiencing right now.”

Somy also appealed to the Bishnoi community to forget about Salman's blackbuck hunting case as he was much younger in 1998. "I want to request the head of the Bishnoi tribe to forget about it and move on. I apologise on his behalf (Salman) if he has made a mistake and please forgive him. I want to appeal to the Bishnoi community that harming Salman Khan will not bring back the blackbuck."

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Further, she added that taking someone's life is not acceptable, be it Salman or an average common man. But if someone is attempting to kill someone or firing bullets then they crossing the line.

"Whatever happened to me cannot be changed; let bygones be bygones. I have made peace with myself. My life is completely dedicated to No More Tears now,” she concluded.

Notably, Somy Ali made her debut in BTown with the action-drama flick Krishan Avtaar in 1993.  Later on, she went on to work in several movies. However, she was in the headlines for her relationship with Salman. Reportedly, she shifted to the US at the age of 24 after her much-talked-about breakup. Currently, she works towards raising awareness about human trafficking and domestic violence.