Poonam Singh

One trend that is baffling netizens these days is ‘Optical Illusion’. It has become a favourite pass-time hobby for many and people wait for others to bring them a new optical illusion challenge every day.

Apart from the entertainment and fun factor, optical illusions help one improve one’s observation skills and concentration.

According to reports, optical illusions also stand out due to their contribution to the field of research. Studies conducted by scientists look forward to exploring the workings of the brain when exposed to optical illusions.

Optical illusions are challenging as it tricks our minds and eyes. However, some optical illusions are very easy to spot while some are very tricky and challenging for the participants.

The latest optical illusion which is intriguing netizens is an illustration by Hungarian graphic artist Gergely Dudas. It has three hidden ghosts among pandas in the image. However, the catch here is that you must find it within 11 seconds.

In the picture, you can see the pandas and three pumpkins.  

Hidden among the pandas are three ghosts and the challenge for you is to spot the ghosts within 11 seconds.

Pic Credit: Instagram/thedudolf
Pic Credit: Instagram/thedudolf

Can you spot the ghosts in this optical illusion within 11 seconds in the above image? Just look at the image carefully and you can spot the ghost easily. 

Some are confused after seeing the image provided here. However, some people could quickly identify. In contrast, others could not get their guesses and answers right.

Here’s a hint for those who couldn’t find the ghosts:

In case you are stuck with the image, refer to the image given below to get the correct answer.  Check, the spots of the ghosts are marked with red circles.

Pic Credit: Instagram/thedudolf
Pic Credit: Instagram/thedudolf