Cassian Baliarsingh

In a bizarre incident, three school girls of a village in Karur district of Tamil Nadu, who had fled from their homes to meet BTS in South Korea, have been rescued safely from Vellore. Passionate fans of BTS, the three girls, all aged 13 and studying in Class VIII, had fled their homes in an attempt to travel to South Korea.

Their passion for music and dance led them to take the unknown path of attempting to travel to Seoul without money and a passport. The girls first took a train to Chennai with a meager Rs 14000 from their savings; which they naively believed could help them reach South Korea.

After much difficulty, they got a hotel room in Chennai and wanted to take a ship from Chennai without passports. They went from pillar to post to book a ship to Seoul but in vain. Hopeless, they decided to board their trains back home.

They got down to buy food at midnight at Katpadi railway station and missed their train. Police personnel spotted them and upon enquiry came to know about their story. They were accommodated in a state-run facility and their parents were summoned.

Shockingly, the girls knew details of BTS, starting from the names of the stars, the way they dressed, the shoes they wore, and the smartphones they used. However, police personnel politely conveyed them to focus on their studies so that they could go to South Africa with passports and money, a PTI report read.

They were later handed over to their parents.