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Wrapping up his last phase of his election campaigning in Odisha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday slammed the ruling BJD while addressing a mega public meeting at Kendrapara. PM Narendra Modi said that he is moved by the love showered by the people of Odisha.

“After June 4, Odisha will embark on a new journey towards development. I have come here to take the blessings of people and in return, I invite people to the oath-taking ceremony of BJP chief minister in Odisha. The chief minister will be the son or daughter of Odisha,” said PM Modi.

Odisha Wants Freedom From The Lobby Who Wants To Hijack The Govt And Culture

In his address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the people of Odisha want a double-engine government.

“Odisha wants freedom from the coterie that wants to hijack the governance and the state’s culture. Hence, Odisha has decided to opt for the double-engine government. Not only Odisha, but the entire country has voted for a strong and stable government. The country has seen the works done by the Congress in the last 60 years and BJP’s work in the last 10 years. Earlier during Congress rule, there were reports of corruption. Now there is news of massive development and buildings, “said PM Modi.

New Storm In Politics In Next 6 Months; There Will Be Explosion In BJD

There will be a political storm in the next six months in the country. There is resentment among the workers of the parties, who believe in dynasty politics, and they will seek answers. Such parties will get dismantled in the next six months, said PM Modi.

“The workers of the parties, who are dreaming of breaking India, will break them instead. In Odisha, there will also be a new storm in the politics. The way politics is going on within BJD, you will see an explosion in coming days. The people of Odisha have voted for BJP MP and MLA candidates in bumper votes. It is after a gap of 25 years that Odisha has voted for change, to end labour migration, corruption and to get a clear picture of the mystery surrounding the Ratna Bhandar. The BJP will come to power and all the gates of Jagannath temple will be opened for the devotees. Hence, Odisha is voting for the BJP. My commitment is for the all-round development of the people of Odisha,” said PM Modi.

Odisha BJP has come up with a number of welfare schemes and I am happy that the state and its people have taken a step towards development and scripting new history, said PM Modi in his address.

BJD Did Corruption In Pucca Houses

Everybody knows about the corruption done by BJD in pucca houses. The people have voted for BJP so that they get pucca houses, said PM Modi while urging party workers and people to report if they come across anyone staying in kutcha houses. Odisha has an abundance of natural resources including water. But the farmers are deprived of getting water for irrigation, said PM Modi adding that Odisha has voted for a change including the loot in the free rice scheme.

“Be it youths, old or women, everyone is saying that there will be double engine government for the first time in Odisha. PM Modi again expressed concern over the deteriorating health condition of CM Naveen Patnaik.

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“The well-wishers and others, who know CM Naveen Patnaik, have told me that there is a lot of trouble for him. They also apprehend that there could be some conspiracy behind CM’s health poor health. BJP is serious on the issue and hence a committee will be formed to investigate the matter after coming to power in Odisha. A special committee will be formed and the panel will bring the entire truth as to why his health is degrading, “said PM Modi.

Baijayant Panda Is Very Dedicated: PM Modi

My colleague, Baijayant Panda is very hardworking and dedicated. Hence, I appeal to people to vote for him so that he wins with a record margin, said PM Modi in his address in Kendrapara.

While speaking on the occasion, BJP National Vice-president and party’s Kendrapara’s Lok Sabha candidate Baijayant Panda said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has changed the fate of India in the last 10 years.

“Be it Covid vaccination, financial assistance or rescuing people from war-struck countries, India is leading under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership. 25 crore people have been lifted out of poverty. But Odisha has been deprived of development as the BJD government is trying to hijack the central schemes. They have now been caught. Odia Asmita is now in danger. Be it Ratna Bhandar or the recent incident where Odisha’s chief has been kicked on dias, everybody has seen what is happening here,” said Panda.

Panda further said that lakhs of youths in Odisha are not getting jobs and there is goondaraj. Many BJD candidates are involved in crimes and corruption. “PM Narendra Modi has given a guarantee to free Odisha from such irregularities,” Panda added.

'Religious and marine tourism in Balasore to be explored'

Earlier in the day, addressing the Vijay Sankakp Samavesh at Remuna in Balasore, Prime Minister Narendra Modi described Balasore as the dham of Lord Shiva and it is a land known for dhan(paddy), paan(betel leaf) and meen (fish). 

“The betel leaf links Balasore with Varanasi. Balasore is the Missile City. In the last 10 years, the missile power of India has been enhanced by several times. We are not exporting BrahMos missiles,” he added, highlighting various achievements of the NDA government in the last 10 years.

“After the BJP formed government in Odisha, the beaches in Balasore will see a major facelift. Religious and marine tourism will be explored in Odisha. The BJD has not done anything for the fisheries sector despite a huge market potential in Balasore. In the next five years, the BDA will strengthen the fisheries sector,” he said. 

“We have strongly dealt with Covid situation. Despite the Covid, India is still emerging as the fast-growing economy of the world. 10 years ago, people thought that stopping scams was impossible, but in the last ten years, the NDA government was run without any scam,” he asserted.

Pointing out that the 500 years of wait for Ram Lalla came to an end at Ayodhya, the PM said, ”Our Ram Lalla came out from the tent and has been enshrined in a magnificent temple. Our ancestors who prayed for Lord Ram will bless us.”  

“Wherever I visited Odisha, people say that the BJP will form the government for the first time in the state. After the BJP government was formed, the development of Odisha will be on the fast track. But the BJD betrayed people in the name of development in the last 25 years. Odisha has long coastline and is full of natural resources, which can push the redevelopment. Odisha is poor because Congress looted the state earlier and the BJD has been plundering its for the last 25 years,” he observed.

He also pointed out that train services in Nlagiri were done after Pratap Sarangi was elected from Balasore to the Lok Sabha while a massive transformation of many railway stations in the country is being carried out.

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