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After intense campaigns by party leaders, it was the turn of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP’s star campaigner to make a final appeal to the voters who will exercise their franchise in the last leg of the crucial 2024 elections in Odisha.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi began his marathon campaigns in Odisha by addressing a mega public meeting at Baripada (Mayurbhanj). He is also scheduled to address public gatherings in Balasore and Kendrapara.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi began his address in Baripada in trade-mark style by speaking in the local dialect- Santhali and Odia and he was moved by the love showered by the people.

“Today is the last of election campaigning in Odisha and it is certain that a stable Modi government will be formed as it is visible from the excitement which is visible, be it in Jharkhand, West Bengal or here in the state,” said PM Modi.

Conspiracy Behind Naveen’s Deteriorating Health? PM Promises Committee For Probe

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed concerns and wanted to know if there is any conspiracy behind CM Naveen Patnaik’s poor health condition.

"Today, all the well-wishers of Naveen babu are worried and want to know how his health condition deteriorated all of a sudden in the last one year? Those, who were close to Naveen babu for years together, discuss about his health when they meet me. They informed that Naveen babu is not able to do anything all by himself. Such people think there could be some conspiracy behind his deteriorating health," said PM Modi.

Is there any conspiracy behind CM’s deteriorating health? The people of Odisha have right to know this, said PM Modi. Is there a hand of the lobby enjoying power in Odisha in the name of CM Naveen?

“After BJP is voted to power, a special committee will be formed to investigate what is happening to Naveen Patnaik’s health and why it is deteriorating,” said PM Modi.

'Odisha Ready To Put Fullstop To BJD Rule; People Want Modi Guarantee'

In the next 5 years, people will see India becoming Atma Nirbhar in various sectors. There will be a massive transformation in infrastructure, railways and highways. This will benefit Odisha and other states, said PM Modi.

“The BJP chief minister will take oath in Odisha on June 10. Today, the people want to put a full-stop to the 25 years of BJD rule. The entire Odisha is saying that its Chief Minister should be an Odia. The people of Odisha want Modi Guarantee. Mayurbhanj’s daughter is now the President of India and it is a matter of pride for the entire country,” said PM Modi.

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People of Odisha trusted BJD for 25 years but the ruling party has broken the trust in every sector. The BJD government had brought a law to usurp lands of tribals. It was due to BJP pressure, the ruling party withdrew it. If they (BJD) get a chance this time, they will not leave opportunity to usurp tribal lands, said PM Modi.

BJD Looted Mineral Resources; BJP Formed District Mineral Fund But BJD Did Corruption In It

"The ruling BJD has looted the mineral resources. The Modi government formed district mineral fund and gave thousands of crore money to Odisha. But BJD did corruption in it also. People are saying that money looted from Odisha is being stashed in foreign soil," alleged PM Modi.

“No matter where they hide the money, it is Modi Ki Guarantee that it will be taken out. Those who have looted people will have to return the money and pay for it by spending the rest of their lives in jail. There is no sympathy for those who are looting people. This is necessary in the country. The BJD government did the biggest fraud with Mahaprabhu’s Ratna Bhandar,” alleged PM Modi.

The people across the globe want to know what happened to the keys of Ratna Bhandar? What happened to the investigation report and whose name is in it, asked PM Modi. “Whatever the BJD is hiding, the BJP will expose all after forming government in Odisha,” added PM Modi.

Later in the day, Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik issued a video statement and said, "I am in perfect health and have been campaigning in the state for the last months. The Prime Minister in a public meeting in our state today has stated that I am in bad health and he wants to institute a committee to enquiry in this matter. If he is so concerned about my health, he should have called me and asked me about my health."

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