Himansu Shekhar Rout

The Exit Poll conducted by India Today-Axis on the Odisha Assembly election predicted major gains for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and a huge loss for the ruling Biju Janata Dal (BJD), which had won 112 Assembly seats in 2019.

Both the BJP and BJD are projected to register their win in 62-80 Assembly constituencies. 

The BJD has been projected to fall short of the magic numbers of the majority this time while the saffron party is expected to sharply increase its tally from 23 seats won in the 2019 Assembly election.  

The BJD’s seat share was also shown to have declined drastically, giving an advantage to the BJP.  

According to this Exit Poll, the BJP may land 62 to 80 Assembly seats while the same number of seats may be won by the ruling party. Congress was predicted to get 5 to 8 seats.

In terms of vote share, the Exit Poll shows that the BJP and the BJD are likely to get 42 per cent each while Congress' vote share is expected to be 12 per cent.

'BJP Will Win More Than 100 Assembly Seats' 

Speaking on the exit poll, BJP leader Biranchi Tripathy said, ”There was huge anti-incumbency against the Naveen Patnaik government and massive support for the BJP in Odisha. Given this factor, the BJP is going to win at least 100 Assembly seats and 18 to 20 Lok Sabha seats in Odisha. Several media conducted Exit polls on their own assessment, but what we claimed is our internal assessment with the help of a network of cadre and supporters. As predicted by the Prime Minister, the Chief Minister of the BJP will take oath on June 10.”

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As for the exit poll results, senior journalist Prasanna Mohanty said, "The Exit poll on the Odisha Assembly election is indicating a new signal about the changing political scenario ahead. Going by yesterday's exit polls, the BJP’s tally in Lok Sabha is increasing and its impact will naturally have on the Assembly elections. Now the BJP and BJD have come to an equal situation. The number of the BJD’s seats is declining whereas that of the BJP is increasing. BJD got 112 Assembly seats in 2019 which has now come down to 62. The BJP won 23 seats, but its tally has gone up to 62 to 80. This is really startling. I can say that no split voting has happened this time unlike the 2019 elections.”

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