Vikash Sharma

A clash erupted between two groups during BJP's 'Mishran Parv', the inclusion ceremony held at the College Square area in Cuttack on Saturday evening. While no exact reason for the clash was known immediately, the two groups resorted to fist fights over Nayan Mohanty's MLA candidature.

As per reports, one of the groups opposed the candidature of Nayan Kishore Mohanty, who the saffron party for the Choudwar-Cuttack Assembly seat has again fielded.

The ruckus disrupted the inclusion program that was attended by Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, Nayan Mohanty, and other party leaders. Given the tension, the program had to be stopped for some time. Some people have also been injured in the group clash.

"We the people of Cuttack-Choudwar want BJP to come to power but we want the leadership to change the candidature here," said a BJP protestor.

Responding to the incident, Nayan Kishore Mohanty said, "The entire incident was done by BJD. As no ticket was distributed here, they had come with evil intention to disrupt the 'mishran parv'." When asked if his supporters attacked the other group, Mohanty said he had no information about it.

Meanwhile, no BJD leaders could not be contacted over Mohanty's statement.

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