Cassian Baliarsingh

In this modern era of online dating and casual relationships, it is sometimes difficult to find true love. Even if people love dating, they just casually call off the relationship after a few months because of several factors including not being able to cope with the adverse situation.

Meanwhile, a social media user has started a debate online on finding true love through ‘samosa’. Yes, you read that right!

Opening up about meeting her better half, the woman wrote, “6 years ago, this man showed up with a huge batch of handmade, piping hot samosas at a student party in Wageningen. A case of love at first bite hihi.”

She also shared a picture of herself with her boyfriend and the two look lovely together. The woman has proved that it is not necessary to go on expensive dinner dates to impress a girl. A girl will be impressed even if you take her out on a mouth-watering, piping-hot samosa.

Their love story has been grabbing eyeballs on social with 534.6K views and thousands of likes and comments.

“Handmade by him? He is a keeper. This is so cute,” commented a user while another user wrote, “The moment you dipped the samosa in the chutney, I’m sure you had a soft corner.”

A third user wrote, “I believe love at first bite is more real than just the first sight. Can’t leave the guy who makes delish Samosas.”

“This is the sweetest love story. You both also look drop-dead gorgeous together,” wrote another user.