Pradeep Pattanayak

During our train journey, all of us must have noticed some station names ending with ‘P.H.’. Ever wondered what this suggests? 

Here is your answer. 

Indian Railways, which is the 4th largest network in the world only next to the USA, China, and Russia, is regarded as the lifeline of about 25 million people. Given the fact that so many people are depending on the Indian Railways, the department has taken, and is also taking several steps for the passengers’ convenience. 

Granting ‘P.H.’ tag to a station is one of those steps. 

‘P.H.’ stands for ‘Passenger Halt’. During the train journey, we come across such Passenger Halt stations. These stations are actually coming under Class ‘D’ stations. At these stations, no staff is posted as it doesn’t have loop line and signal. 

As the name suggests, only passenger trains stop at these stations. But the loco pilot of a passenger train stops and starts from here on his own. The loco pilot stops the train here for 2 minutes or so as instructed. 

As no staff is posted at these stations, a question as to who sells tickets at these stations must be coming to your mind. 

To sell tickets, the railway department appoints a local person on a contractual and commission basis. 

If the department finds the selling of tickets up to the mark, it then goes on adding some facilities at these stations like ticket counters, platforms, and foot over bridges.