Cassian Baliarsingh

Indians are not new to potholes on roads as they often have to face problems during riding vehicle. From anger to frustration and injuries to deaths, potholes have caused plenty of problems for people here.

But, what if I tell you that an 80-year-old ‘dead’ patient came back to life after the ambulance ferrying him hit a pothole...what will be your reaction? Well, yes, you read that right!

According to reports, an 80-year-old man from Haryana who was declared dead by doctors came back to life after the ambulance he was being taken in ran over a pothole. Darshan Singh Brar was being transported from Patiala to his house in Karnal after doctors declared him brought dead.

Sorrowful relatives had gathered for the funeral, wood was laid for the rites, but the miraculous turn of the ambulance hitting a pothole turned everything upside down. As soon as the ambulance hit the pothole, the elderly patient started moving his limbs.

His grandson, who was with him, noticed the movements and asked the ambulance driver to take them to another hospital after sensing a heartbeat. To everyone’s surprise, the hospital then declared him alive.

The patient is currently being treated at a hospital in Karnal, where his condition is stated to be severe. The family has described the episode as a miracle and is now hoping for rapid recovery.

“It’s a miracle. Now we are hopeful that my grandfather will recover shortly. Everyone who had assembled to mourn his passing congratulated us, and we asked them to share the feast we had prepared. It is by God’s goodness that he is now breathing, and we hope he will recover,” India Times quoted his grandson.