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  • Manoj Muntashir has been badly slammed for writing cringe dialogues for Hanuman in Adipurush.
  • The famous writer has said that he has deliberately done so to simplify the dialogues.

Prabhas’ stardom has ensured that Adipurush gets good openings in the South region and it has also opened to a decent response in the Hindi belt. However, the movie has disappointed most of the fans of the Rebel star and one of the major reasons is the cringe-worthy dialogue.

Written by none other than Manoj Muntashir who earlier has written some heart-wrenching, popular songs like Kaise Hua, Kaun Tuzhe, and more, fans were expecting some thought-provoking and relevant dialogues for Adipurush.

But Manoj Muntashir has not only disappointed the fans but he has even hurt the people who have great reverence for Lord Rama and Hanuman. It seems he simply forgot that he is writing for a movie based on a mythological epic that is not just a story but is the culture of India.

Instead, he treated this assignment as any other Bollywood project and wrote cringe dialogues for Lord Hanuman’s character who is one of the most popular deities in the country.

What’s more, in his recent interview, Manoj even confirmed that he intentionally wrote such dialogues for Hanuman in Adipurush to simplify what the character wanted to say. Manoj has said that he has tried to simplify the dialogues so that the maximum audience can understand what Hanuman wants to say.

Manoj said that it is not an error and a meticulously thought process that went into writing these dialogues to make them deliberately simple.

Manoj Muntashir
Manoj Muntashir

To justify his work Manoj said, “If there are multiple characters in a movie, they all cannot say the same language. There has to be a kind of diversion, a kind of division. When our elders used to tell Ramayana locally they used to tell it in the same native language like the one used for Hanuman.” The dialogue, “Tel tere baap ka, Lanka tere baap ki aur jalaonga bhi tere bapki” spoken by the character of Hanuman in Adipurush has specifically not gone down well with the audience who believe that such dialogues have been written to trigger outrage.

Manoj Muntashir
Manoj Muntashir

According to Manoj, he is not the first to express in this way and many saints and narrators who tell Ramayana locally also express these scenes in the same way. But all these justifications of Manoj Muntashir have not gone down well with the audience who believe that he must say sorry instead of arrogantly arguing on the same.

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