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  • Adipurush Review: 3/5
  • Bad VFX weakest part, still, a good movie for a single watch

Prabhas and Kriti Sanon’s Adipurush has finally hit the theaters. As is with every Prabhas movie, it opened to a tremendous response in Telugu speaking region-especially in Hyderabad.

The overall response across India is moderate with many finding it difficult to accept Prabhas as Raghav and the characterization of Saif Ali Khan as Lankesh.

VFX is the weakest point in Adipurush

While the movie is based on mythological epic Ramayana more than the acting the focus was expected to be on the VFX. And that is the weakest point in Adipurush. Since it is helmed by Om Raut who directed the blockbuster Tanhaji and brought alive some unimaginable situations on the big screen with perfect use of VFX, fans were expecting something bigger, better, and more emphatic. Adipurush seems to have failed here to some extent.

After the first teaser was released, the makers faced a huge backlash from the audience and that is why the release of Adipurush was delayed so that better work on the VFX can be done. But even then, some didn't find it satisfactory.

Dialogues could have been better

Another drawback of the movie is the cringe-worthy dialogue. Adipurush has been made in multiple languages and hence it becomes a big responsibility of a dialogue writer in every language to carry forward the same essence and nuances as in the original but without making them sound directly translated.

Besides, a couple of dialogues of the Lord Hanuman character were unacceptable and more like a typical 'tapori' language people usually listen to in Bollywood movies.

Prabhas overpowers, Kriti; Sunny has a sparse presence

Prabhas gets a heroic entry in the movie and it was expected. He looks acceptable as Raghav and mostly it can be contributed to the fact that people still have his version of Baahubali in mind when they are watching Adipurush. His dialogue delivery in Hindi is much better than what we saw in Radhe Shyam.

Kriti looks beautiful and her chemistry with Prabhas is one of the major attractions of the movie. But she does not have much presence.

Even Sunny Singh as Shesh has very few dialogues but nevertheless does justice to whatever has come to his part.

Saif is well presented as Lankesh and has done a decent job whenever he shares the screen with Prabhas.

Overall a good movie for a single watch but could have been better with the right use of VFX and improvement on dialogues.

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