Poonam Singh

Taapsee Pannu recently made waves with the revelation of her secret wedding to long-time partner Mathias Boe. While official photographs are yet to surface, glimpses of her dancing in traditional attire during the ceremony have captivated fans.

In a recent interview with HT City, Pannu shared insights into her wedding attire choices, shedding light on her preference for traditional Sikh and Gurudwara wedding aesthetics. Avoiding extravagant designer ensembles, Pannu opted for outfits designed by her college friend, Mani Bhatia, to maintain privacy and intimacy. She expressed a desire for comfort and mobility, eschewing heavy lehengas to facilitate lively dance celebrations.

Taapsee Pannu preferred a traditional red salwar kameez with kinari on the border for her wedding attire, inspired by Sikh and Gurudwara weddings from her upbringing. She felt this vintage style represented the true essence of a bride for her.

For her Haldi ceremony, Pannu chose a vintage Punjabi lungi and kurta, reminiscent of a style seen in DDLJ, while she sported bell-bottom-styled pants with bling for the sangeet.

Her Indian wedding attire included traditional Punjabi saggi phull for her hair, along with basic jewellery passed down from her grandmother. She deliberately kept her accessories minimal for comfort.

Pannu's Danish wedding saw her embracing tradition with a gown by designer Lasse Spangenberg. Embodying Danish wedding customs of incorporating "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." Her gown symbolized 'new,' while 'old' heels from her closet, 'borrowed' pearl earrings, and 'blue' embroidery on her veil encapsulated cherished memories and traditions.

Despite the absence of official photographs, glimpses of the pre-wedding festivities emerged online, showcasing the couple's vibrant celebrations. The Wedding Factory, co-owned by Pannu and her sister Shagun, provided a sneak peek into the haldi ceremony's decor, characterized by custom illustrated blocks, artisanal Indian installations, and vibrant lounge seating.

The decor boasted painted shuttlecocks, marigold flowers, and quirky elements, reflecting the couple's personalities. From a 'full bloom haldi throne' to an Indi-fusion DJ console adorned with playful phrases, the ambience exuded a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary flair.