Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Kannada Television industry's actress Jyothi Rai has emerged as a popular figure among Telugu audiences with the successful daily soap- Guppedantha Manasu. Moreover, the actress is quite well-known for her bold social media presence. She enjoys a huge fanbase on social media and turns heads with her super-hot avatars. However, recently she has been in the headlines, reportedly, after her private intimate videos leaked online. 

According to a report by Hindustan Times, intimate photos and videos of Jyothi are being shared on social media platforms. While the videos and pictures have garnered lots of attention, they have created a storm on the internet.

According to the report, actress Jyothi Rai, who played the role of Jagati Guppedantha Manasu, is a social media sensation. Even though she played the role of the male lead's mother in the soap opera, a role much older than her actual age, her bold avatars will make anyone weak in the knees. Even she made waves on social media with the news of her second marriage. 

The report suggests that an X (formerly Twitter) user has been threatening to leak Jyothi's pictures and videos online once his/her YouTube channel reaches 1000 subscribers. Along with the claims, the user also attached a few screenshots of the video to make the claims look authentic. 

Meanwhile, several users have tagged the Bengaluru police on the social media platform to bring the matter to their notice. However, the cops are yet to release an official statement on it.

Jyothi Rai is a well-known Kannada TV serial actress, best known for her role in Guppedantha Manasu, airing on Star Maa. Apart from captivating her fans with her social media posts, she stunned everyone after her second marriage to Telugu director Sukumar Poorvaj. Notably, she first tied the knot at the age of 20 but later parted ways. She also has an 11-year-old son from her first marriage.