Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Prashanth Neel's Telugu action thriller 'Salaar: Part 1- Ceasefire,' starring Prabhas, Shruti Haasan, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Sriya Reddy, Easwari Rao, and Garuda Ram, among others, emerged as a blockbuster. Salaar's lifetime global collection is pegged at over Rs 600 crore. While anticipation among moviegoers remains high for 'Salaar: Part 2- Shouryaanga Parvam,' Malayalam superstar Prithviraj dropped a big hint on an 'unbelievable crossover' with another universe.

Prithviraj will soon return to the sets of Salaar's sequel, in which he will reprise the role of Varada Raj Mannar. Notably, he was also seen as Varda's grandfather Shiv Mannar, a character with a great story. As per Prithviraj, Shiva is interestingly connected with another cinematic universe of Neel.

Taking to social media, Prithviraj wrote that among all the stories Neel has told him, Shiv's character is the coolest and has an unbelievable crossover with another cinematic universe.

Reacting to a user's post on X (formerly Twitter), Prithviraj wrote, "Of all the stories Prashanth has told me..Shiv Mannar’s is probably the coolest. Has an unbelievable crossover with another universe as well." (sic)

Now, the big revelation has triggered speculations about the 'unbelievable crossover' with Neel's KGF series or NTR31. 

While several users opined that it is NTR 31, some others are confident that it is KGF: Chapter 3. Meanwhile, a few others are also confident that KGF, Salaar and NTR 31 are included in Neel's cinematic universe. Well, the revelation has fueled high excitement and expectations among fans.

Notably, before Salaar's release, fans were hopeful of a KGF crossover. Even Kannada Film Industry's Rocking Star Yash attending the mahurat pooja of Salaar intensified the speculations. Even it was speculated that Yash might have an extended cameo in the movie. However, moviegoers were disheartened after Salaar's release without any crossover. 

Possibilities of Salaar Crossover with KGF Chapter 3

There are possibilities of Salaar's crossover with KGF. The most likely scenario for a Salaar-KGF crossover could be, Rocky Bhai meeting Shiv Mannar.

Salaar's Shiv Mannar set up Khansaar as an autonomous monarchy during India's independence. He died in 1985, 4 years after Rocky Bhai supposedly perished mid-sea. In KGF Chapter 2, Rocky Bhai's whereabouts between 1978-1981 were not established, as the CIA file has details of his crimes between 1978-81 in 16 countries. It could possibly be the duration when Rocky discovered Khansaar and crossed paths with Shiv Mannar.

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Less Possibility of an NTR31-Salaar Crossover!

Though the possibilities seem high for the Salaar-KGF crossover, a possible crossover with Jr NTR's next with Neel can't be ignored. 

However, as per the buzz in the industry, the schedule of Salaar 2 will begin as soon as Prithviraj wraps up L2: Empuraan, which rules out the possibility of Salaar-NTR31 crossover. As per insiders, Neel has already shot portions of Salaar 2 during the prequel and a significant part of the movie is already done. Salaar 2 will reportedly go on floors in June. 

Hopefully, makers will soon raise the curtains from the 'unbelievable crossover'.