Weekly Horoscope for Taurus from May 20 to 26, 2024: Work Dedication and Open Communication


This week, you will be decisive and concentrated. You will have the power of will to achieve your goals. But also be aware of the danger of becoming too stubborn or inflexible. Attempt to listen to the other person's opinions with an open mind. Employed workers should expect a busy work week. You might be required to spend more time and energy on important assignments. Do not run away from your obligations. Your bosses and co-workers will certainly admire your dedication. Nevertheless, do not quarrel with coworkers over minor things. Singles might experience a desire to begin new relationships. However, avoid the temptation of short-term attractions.

  • Remedy :Listen to others
  • Auspicious Day :Wednesday, Friday
  • Auspicious color :Blue, White
  • Lucky Numbers :5, 6, 8
  • Gemstone :Diamond
  • God :Vishnu
  • Goddess :Mahalakshmi
  • Rudraksha :Six-faced
  • Inauspicious Day :Saturday
  • Ghatachandra :Virgo
  • Ghatatithi :Panchami, Dashami, Purnima, Amavasya
  • Ghata Naxatra :Hasta

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