Poonam Singh

Renowned for its captivating twists, ‘Anupamaa’ continues to enthrall viewers with its current storyline. In latest episode, Anupamaa achieves a significant milestone by emerging victorious in the Superstar Chef competition, inching closer to her dreams.

The episode unfolds with Anupamaa joyously celebrating her triumph alongside Beeji, Yasheep, Kinjal, and Pari. Meanwhile, Anuj surprises Shruti by preparing halwa as an offering, reigniting feelings of jealousy and resentment within her. Shruti, feeling threatened by Anupamaa's presence, confronts Anuj about her discomfort, prompting tensions to escalate.

Anuj reassures Shruti of Anupamaa's ability to handle difficult situations, emphasizing her role in supporting Aadhya through her panic attacks. However, Shruti remains adamant about removing Anupamaa from their household, fuelling further conflict.

Later, Anuj confronts Aadhya about her resentment towards Anupamaa's success, revealing her torn diary as evidence of her lingering grudges. Despite Anuj's efforts to reason with her, Aadhya remains fixated on her past grievances, expressing her hatred for Anupamaa.

Meanwhile, Toshu's selfish motives come to light as he seeks financial support from Anupamaa for his business venture, causing friction between them and Kinjal. Anupamaa's refusal sparks a heated exchange. Anu calls him selfish and he accuses her of being double selfish as she is staying in Anuj’s house only to get closer to him.

In the upcoming episodes, fans can anticipate Anupamaa's transformation into a successful businesswoman, embarking on a partnership with Yashdeep to launch the Spice and Chutney restaurant. This new venture promises to usher in a new chapter filled with challenges and triumphs for Anupamaa. 

It will be interesting to see how Anu reacts after knowing that Adhya had destroyed her dairy and how will see overcome Aadhya’s hatred and if there will be a happy reunion of Anu, Anuj and Aadhya.