Rojalin Mishra

Curry leaves a.k.a Kadi Patta are used in Indian kitchens for centuries. The aromatic leaves add distinctive flavour and make the dishes more delicious. Apart from being an essential ingredient for Kadhi Pakoda, Chutney, Sambar curry leaves can also be used for weight loss.

Curry leaves cuts cholesterol level in the body and boosts digestion process which may trigger weight loss. It also has the ability to cleanse the harmful toxins present in the body and decreases the abnormal body fats.

As you know proper digestion is the key to weight loss, eating curry leaves improves digestion by soothing intestinal walls and treats stomach related woes.

Moreover, curry leaves are loaded with antioxidants properties and keeps the blood sugar level in the body under control. Consuming curry leaves water regularly burns calories and avoid fat accumulation in the body.

How To Use Curry Leaves

Take about 8-10 curry leaves and boil them in some water.

After some time, strain the water to remove the leaves.

Consume the water in empty stomach every morning.

Besides, consuming (raw) 5-6 fresh curry leaves in empty stomach every morning can also serve the purpose.

Other Benefits

Used as another important quintessential ingredient for curry recipes, the natural ingredient is rich in medicinal properties too.

Curry leaves have the tremendous potential to treat diabetes and many skin-related diseases.

Disclaimer: This piece of article is just for informative purpose. One should always consult a doctor/dietician before going for any type of diet or adopting any form of weight loss regime.