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Beijing/Washington: Chinese scientists have developed a nanomaterial and US is developing treatment and therapies to combat Coronavirus. The methods developed for COVID-19 fight are claimed to be novel ways to fight back the virus that has killed over 32,000 people globally.

According to Global Times, a team of Chinese scientists has reportedly developed a novel way to combat the new coronavirus that causes the Covid-19 disease. The new weapon is not a drug or a compound but some nanomaterial.

"Chinese scientists have developed a new weapon to combat the #coronavirus," the news portal tweeted on Sunday.

"They say they have found a nanomaterial that can absorb and deactivate the virus with 96.5-99.9 per cent efficiency," it added.

Nanomaterials are used in a variety of manufacturing processes, products and healthcare including paints, filters, insulation and lubricant additives.

In healthcare, Nanozymes are nanomaterials with enzyme-like characteristics.

According to the US NIH, scientists have not unanimously settled on a precise definition of nanomaterials, but agree that they are partially characterized by their tiny size, measured in nanometers.

"Nanotechnology can be used to design pharmaceuticals that can target specific organs or cells in the body such as cancer cells, and enhance the effectiveness of therapy," said NIH.

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However, while engineered nanomaterials provide great benefits, "we know very little about the potential effects on human health and the environment. Even well-known materials, such as silver for example, may pose a hazard when engineered to nano size," according to NIH.

COVID-19 Fight: US Steps Up Developing Therapies To Combat Coronavirus, Informs Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump said the country is stepping up developing treatments for COVID-19 patients, including experiment on antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine and a blood-related therapy.

Addressing a White House briefing on Sunday, Trump said that hydroxychloroquine is being administered to 1,100 patients in New York along with Z-Pak, which is azithromycin, Xinhua news agency reported.

"It's very early yet. It only started two days ago. But we will see what happens," he said.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is also allowing the emergency use of a blood-related therapy, called convalescent plasma, as an experimental treatment for seriously ill patients, Trump said.

The therapy involves taking blood plasma from people who have recovered from COVID-19. The sick patients will be transfused with the blood taken to boost their immune systems, according to Trump. The early results are good, he added.

The country is also looking at an approval for sterilization of masks, Trump said.

The United States is unleashing every tool quickly in order to vanquish the virus, he said.

Trump also announced that the federal social distancing guidelines will be extended to April 30. The death rate in the country would likely peak in two weeks, he said.

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