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COVID19 Vaccination
India Beats US, China In Fastest Covid Inoculation, 17 Cr In 114 Days

India has achieved the landmark of being the fastest country globally to administer 17 crore Covid-19 vaccines in the least number of days, defeating the US and China, the second the third runners-up respectively.

US issues travel advisory
US Reissues Travel Advisory Urges Americans Not To Travel To India

Washington: The US has reissued its travel advisory on India, urging its citizens not to travel to the country due to an unprecedented surge in the COVID-19 cases there. India…

COVID-19 Variant Scare: 5 Countries Ban Flights From S. Africa
US Ban On Travellers From India Comes Into Effect

Washington: The travel ban imposed by US President Joe Biden for people coming from India, which is experiencing one of the worst waves of the COVID-19 pandemic, came into effect…

Medical Supplies From US
First Consignment Of Medical Supplies From US Lands In India

New Delhi: The United States on Friday delivered to India its first consignment of emergency medical supplies including hundreds of much-needed oxygen cylinders and regulators to help the country fight…

India US
US Denies Issuing New Guidance To Americans To Leave India

New York: The US State Department has denied that it has issued new guidance to American citizens in India to leave the country as reported by some media. Department Spokesperson…

US To Deploy Additional Forces To Afghanistan As Withdrawal Underway

Washington: The White House has said the US military will send additional forces to Afghanistan to protect US and coalition forces during the withdrawal. White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine…

US Advises Its Citizens In India To Leave As Soon As It Is Safe To Do So Amid Sharp Rise In COVID-19 Cases

Washington: The US has advised its citizens not to travel to India or to leave as soon as it is safe to do so as access to all types of…

'India Was There For Us And We Will Be There For Them': President Biden On India's COVID-19 Crisis

Washington: India helped the people of America in their hour of need and the US will provide full support in providing emergency assistance and resources in India’s fight against COVID-19,…

US Agrees To Deliver India Raw Material For Vaccines

Washington: With the world rushing to aid India in its struggle against surging Covid cases, the US on Sunday finally agreed to provide it raw materials for vaccines that had…

US Defends Restrictions On Export Of COVID-19 Vaccine Raw Materials Amid India's Request To Lift Ban
US Defends Restrictions On Export Of COVID-19 Vaccine Raw Materials Amid India's Request To Lift Ban

Washington: Defending US’ restrictions on the export of key raw materials for the manufacture of COVID-19 vaccine that threatens to slow India’s vaccination drive, a senior State Department official has…