Cassian Baliarsingh

An Indian-origin techie, who his company recently laid off, has revealed how he was replaced by fellow Indians living in India and desis cannot stop sympathizing with him. A video of him narrating his ordeal has gone viral and caught everyone’s attention.

The video begins with the software engineer introducing himself before revealing how his entire team was laid off from the job. He was later told that the whole team was being replaced by Indians who are working from India, at a cheaper price.

“I’m a software engineer, I work in tech or at least I used to work in tech until recently my whole team got laid off. And you know the craziest part was in my exit interview; they go we’re replacing you guys, we’re getting rid of the whole team and we’re replacing you guys with Indians, Yeah I swear to god,” the techie begins his video.

He then adds, “I look them dead in the eye and go, you guys know I’m Indian right. I’m already Indian. We can get rid of these and replace them with my friends. I know a lot of Indians. But, they’re like no no no, you’re not the kind of Indian we want. We want Indians from India, we’re moving the job to India, to be done by Indians from India who live there who will do it cheaper.”

“In that moment, I turned into every one of your father’s I was like these God damn Indians are taking our jobs,” he concluded.

Since being shared online, his video has gone viral with 3.5M views and around 39K likes with thousands of retweets and hilarious comments from Indians.

“It's all about the money.  They will work for way less in India.  It's not even close.  We can't compete with India, or China when it comes to how little they can survive with over there,” commented a user.

Another user shared, “Bro doesn’t get it. he’s being laid off because he’s expensive.”

“Way way cheaper. Your monthly salary can pay for two top-tier developers for a whole year,” commented another user.

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