Cassian Baliarsingh

A former pilot from the US has claimed to have spent 92 days on an alien Mother Ship and spoke to two aliens back in the 1980s. Identified as Alex Collier, the ex-US Army helicopter pilot has made the shocking revelations and even claimed that humans will find ‘ancient alien ruins’ in the universe soon, a report in UK-based Daily Express revealed.

The report further claimed that Alex was playing hide and seek in a cornfield and fell asleep, only to wake up on the spaceship of the aliens. Although it is too true to be believed, Alex claims that the aliens took him aboard their spaceship. He was made to wear a special belt so that the aliens could communicate with him for three months. 

Speaking to a talk show in Japan in 2007, Alex shared what the aliens told him about the universe.

“Our science tells us that there are 100 billion galaxies, but we are only looking at one dimension. But, according to the Andromedians, there are 100 trillion galaxies and every galaxy has life in it. We are far from being alone. The universe is vast…. We are just beginning to travel space and we are going to find ruins everywhere,” the Express quoted him as saying.

“I once asked the Andromedians how technologically advanced we are and they said that the United States Army is 400 years more technologically advanced than we think they are,” he added.