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Bride Eating Pasta
Foodie bride chooses pasta over groom #Watch

A quirky bride was captured eating pasta ahead of her wedding ceremony!

Bull scares away mighty tiger in the wild #WATCH

The said video shared by IFS officer, Sushant Nanda in which the tiger is seen getting scared away by the extraordinary courage of the bull.

Viral Snake Videos
Kangaroo fights off python, cobra climbs on sleeping woman; watch spine-chilling videos

Here are three spine-chilling snake videos which have gone viral on social media.

MUST WATCH | Ganesh Chaturthi In Uganda’s Entebbe Ganpati Temple

This video of Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations in Uganda is now viral on social media.The air reverberated with chants of Morya Morya Ganpati Bappa Morya at the famous Ganpati Temple in Entebbe.

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Train Crushes Bike
Viral Video| Man Narrowly Escapes Passing Train, Bike Crushed

This purported video of a man narrowly escaping a passing train while trying to cross the railway track with his bike, has surfaced online.The incident took place in Etawah, Uttar Pradesh and has gone viral on social media.

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Nuakhai Vibes: Old Woman’s Rangabati Song Goes Viral

Nuakhai is around the corner and what better way to celebrate the festival than indulging in merrymaking like this elderly woman!This raw rendition of popular ‘Rangabati’ song of west Odisha has gone viral on social media.

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From Indian aunties to African kids, their twerking on Kala Chasma will blow your mind
From Indian aunties to African kids, their twerking on Kala Chasma will blow your mind, #Watch

Recently, a dance performance of a Norwegian dance group named Quick Style at a wedding function went viral on various social media platforms. The group shared their dance video on the Bollywood number 'Kala Chasma' on their Instagram page and soon the  reel set the internet on fire. The video even made headlines and the group became a trend-setter.

Bride chases groom
Unique marriage: Bride chases groom on busy road, convinces him to get married

In a dramatic marriage video, a woman was found chasing his groom in the middle of the road at Bhagat Singh Chowk in Nawada of Bihar.

Python walks with robotic legs
Python walks with robotic legs, YouTuber tries to retrieve ancient pattern #Watch

There are several theories suggesting that the limbs were in a transient phase before they quickly adapted to the current limbless form. However, new discoveries of well-preserved fossils of snakes suggested that the snakes had limbs for an extended period.

Hilarious video of boys proposing girls
#Watch: Hilarious video of boys proposing two girls will leave you ROFL

Sharing the hilarious video, the memes page captioned it as, “Ha Boldo, Roj Momos Khilaunga (Say Yes, will feed you momos regularly).”

Texas woman
Watch: Texas woman hurls racial slurs, assaults Indian-American women

The woman was charging at the Indian-American women yelling racist marks against them and even assaulting one lady from the group. 

This Cat's majestic 'Turtle ride' is the cutest thing on Internet today #Watch
This Cat's majestic 'Turtle ride' is the cutest thing on Internet today #Watch

Dressed in a red costume, the chubby grey cat closes its eyes while its pet parent is seen using a massager to massage and help the pet relax. The cat seems to be enjoying its massage session. 

Viral Video
Elephant gives 'nightmare' to Tiger; crocodile gallops towards man; watch videos

Here are two such videos of animals which will shock and amuse at the same time.

Rat saves its baby from king cobra
Watch: Rat saves its baby from king cobra, teaches snake a lesson

In the clip, a king cobra can be seen attacking a baby rat. Subsequently, the mother of the rat arrives at the spot at the right moment to save her baby.

Unique zoo
Watch: Humans imprisoned in cages, animals roam free in this unique zoo

There is one unique zoo in China where humans are kept in captivity and wild animals are left to roam freely.