Ratna Malini Pani

Have you ever seen in giant Panda playing in the snow? A video of a panda playing in the snow has gone viral on social media and it will make you smile and brighten your day for sure!

The video shared on Twitter by  user Buitengebieden has garnered over 27 million views and tons of comments and reactions.Social media users cannot get enough of the cute animal.

They are showering the fluffy panda with love in the comment section.

Watch the video below:

Sharing the video, the Twitter user wrote in the caption, “They can’t survive in the wild.”

No sooner, he uploaded the video, the video has taken the social media by storm. Netizens pointed out how the loveliest animal was having the time of its life.

A user commented, “How can such a sweet animal survive in the wild?” while another netizen commented, “This cutie just made my day.”

A third user wrote, “How can anybody not fall in love with these chubby fluffy sweeties,” while another wrote, “I just love pandas.”

Many other social media users shared beautiful, adorable pictures of panda in the comment section to show how the pandas were always playful and enjoyed their life to the fullest.

Different people have different likings when it comes to animals. Many of us love pet dogs and cats. But we are quite sure that all of us have one animal we simply can’t stop loving in common – pandas.

People love pandas as they are fluffy, goofy and adorable. Videos of pandas on YouTube or any other social media platforms can instantly boost anyone’s mood and lighten them up.