Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Train passengers have umpteen complaints against the Railways over several issues. If you are a frequent traveller on trains, you must have expressed displeasure multiple times over various issues. Even you must have filed complaints about it. Even you must have experienced theft or gotten cheated during your travel. 

How would you react when you get duped by a railway staff?

Social media is the hub to find interesting videos. While some expose social issues and crimes, some are entertaining. The videos with interesting content soon go viral . Here we bring a video that presents the ‘magic show’ of a Railway staff at the ticket counter. 

A purported video of a railway staff has surfaced on the internet that shows the employee cheating a passenger during a cash-based transaction. The shocking video was captured by the passenger while booking a ticket at Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station. 

In the video, the person at the ticket counter is seen accepting Rs 500 note. The passenger requested a ticket to travel on the Superfast Gwalior train. However, surprisingly while collecting the details for booking the ticket, he immediately replaced the Rs 500 note with Rs 20 note. Later, he demanded more money from the passenger as the ticket cost was Rs 125. 

The swapping of the note was so fast that it will be difficult for any person to notice it. Even if it gets noticed, without any proof one cannot blame the Railway staff. However, the lucky and alert passenger had turned his mobile camera on and the entire incident of the Railway staff’s ‘Magic Show’ got recorded. 

As soon as the video went viral on social media, the Railway Seva and Delhi Division, Northern Railway (DRM Delhi NR) noticed it and took immediate action. 

"The employee has been taken up and disciplinary proceedings have been initiated against him," DRM Delhi NR wrote.

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