Poonam Singh

A man was in for a shock on his wedding night after realising on the first night of his marriage that his wife was transgender. As soon as this came to light, there was a stir in the family. 

According to a Live Hindustan report, the incident took place in Etah, Uttar Pradesh. 

Reportedly, the youth, a native of Jaithara village of Etha, had got married to a Delhi girl. However, on the first night of his marriage, the new-wed bride refused to have physical relationship with him. He also agreed with her thinking that she might be tried due to wedding rituals.

Then on the next night also when he tried to consummate the marriage, she refused but confessed that she was transgender. The bride said that her family had hidden this fact from him and his family, leaving the youth in shock.

Later, the bride’s parents, and sister came to their home after five days and too away all their jewelry and money. 

When the youth asked his in-laws for the jewellery and money, they allegedly attacked and thrashed him. 

Following this, the groom filed a complaint at Jaithara Police station accusing his in-laws of deceiving him by keeping him and his family in dark at the time of the marriage.

According to the complaint, the man, who got married on May 3, had discovered the truth of his wife being transgender after his wedding. 

Meanwhile, police have registered a case and have initiated an investigation into the matter.