Rashmi Rekha Das

Those days are gone when kids with incredible skills could not be traced. However, the advent of digital technology coupled with the evolution of social media has brought to the fore many such kids who earned kudos on social media with their talents.  

Let’s meet one such wonder kid who has stunned the internet with her memory skills. The adage ‘Big Things Come in Small Packages’ aptly suits her.   

Of late, a video of that little girl recognizing famous personalities by looking at their pictures has gone viral. Shared on Twitter by an account called @Gulzar_sahab with caption, "The Best Way to Teach Kids”, the video is gaining traction on social media. 

The 60-second clip started with the toddler saying Hi. As she sits in her chair, a woman who might be her mother hands her some cards carrying pictures of famous personalities from across the world. To everyone’s surprise, the cutiepie names all the personalities shown in the pictures without taking time. Let's have a look:

From Rabindranath Tagore and Sachin Tendulkar to Michael Jackson, she recognised them all, even without fumbling. 

Soon after being shared on Twitter on November 27, the video has received more than 65,000 views and 640 retweets. 

Social media users were extremely amazed with the child’s memory power and showered their love for the little girl by writing words like cute, and amazing in the comment section.

One user commented, “Human brain remembers image better than other things. That's why we say, "I've seen you but can't remember your name.'' 

Another wrote, "Wow! So cute baby. Sharp and brilliant."

Another user wrote, “Amazing, God Bless this Cute Baby.''