Cassian Baliarsingh

Finding the perfect dress for a woman’s wedding in itself is a task. Shopping for marriage can be both stressful and enjoyable at the same time.

Women, be it foreign or Indian, spend months looking for that – one perfect outfit – for their big day. It is righthly said, a wedding dress is both intimate and very personal. No women could ever want to compromise on her attire for her big day.

A viral video of an American bride wearing Indian lehenga for her big day proves why women spend months on their wedding shopping. The heartwarming video, captures the reactions of the bride’s family after seeing their daughter in an Indian lehenga for the first time.

In the video, the bride’s friends and family can be seeing waiting for her outside the hotel room as she gets ready. They erupt in joy and cannot believe their eyes as the bride steps out in a stunning red lehenga.

They circle around and cheer as they hug each other in a group.

Shared on Instagram by makeup and hair artist Bianca Louzado, the video has taken social media by storm.

Sharing it on the photo and video sharing platform, Ms Louzado captioned, “What a beautiful moment, Hannah Rogers. Your family & you are Love.” Till now, the video has received 4,56K likes and several comments from people who cannot keep calm after seeing the foreign bride’s Indian avatar.

A user commented, “So, so beautiful u look in Indian traditional wedding outfit.. Well, u are all looking so good.. ATI Sundar, like goddesss…” while another user wrote, “Awww dad made me cry.”

Similarly, a third user wrote, “Really proud as an Indian and also love to the American people for loving our culture,” while another user commented, “Everyone looks so beautiful in the traditional wear.”