Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Believe it or not, daughters always are close to the heart of fathers in comparison to sons. As they say, daughters naturally crave connection with their fathers. The emotional and physical affection of fathers towards their princesses ever remains high. Fathers tend to be more attentive and responsive towards their daughters. 

This relationship remains deeper and the bond remains more intact during childhood days. Girls can better judge the assertion. And boys who don’t have a sister and haven’t witnessed any such occurrence can realise this after watching these videos.

Here we bring the videos that show the bond between the daughters and their fathers. The videos show the reaction and the bond between the fathers and their daughters.

In the first video, a man is seen entering his house with gifts in his hands. Meanwhile, his son and daughter run towards him with excitement. Though both siblings approach their father at the same time, the man lifts up his son. The little girl is left behind and she continues gazing at her father with innocent eyes. 

As per her reaction, it seems, the little girl is still hopeful that her father will definitely pay her attention. But, the man ignores her and continues pampering his son. The little angel with a broken heart continues to look at her father. 

Later, the man turns towards his daughter after landing his son on the ground. However, the girl didn’t look up. To settle the grievances, the man offers his daughter a gift that lightens up the girl’s face. Grabbing the gift, she tries to run away, but her father grabs her and plays with her. The reaction on the little angel’s face will certainly fill anyone’s heart with warmth. This video truly defines who the real ‘papa ki pari’ are.

Here’s another video that shows a toddler’s reaction when her father arrives home after 10 days. The cute tantrums of the little princess will melt anyone’s heart.

As seen in the video, the cute little girl is standing near the door which is about to open. As soon as the door opens and the girl sees her father, she falls to the ground and rolls back hiding her face. After the door completely opens and the man asks her to come to him, she instantly gets up. Her dotting father picks his little angel in his arms and starts pampering. 

The cute little conversation between the father-daughter is quite heart-warming. The excited girl hugs her father and announced her father’s arrival. 

As the scroll on the video reads, “When papa comes back home after 10 days.”

Undoubtedly, fathers are more emotionally bonded with their daughters in comparison to sons. Even fathers truly are the first hero and first love for all daughters. This is the reason why most girls fall in love with a man having similar traits as their fathers. Well, the same rule is applicable to the loving relationship and bond between mothers and their sons.