Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Sadness and sorrow are the natural response to death. Family members, relatives, friends, and all others mourn the loss with pain. However, a 115-year-old woman's last journey in Sundargarh was observed in a grand way with DJ music, song, and dance.

Though unbelievable, it is true. 

As per reports, the supercentenarian, identified as Mangari Surin, hailing from Panchara Basti Pada under Kutra block of the district breathed her last. However, the kin of the deceased carried out her last journey in a different way.

While her body was carried on a bier, the procession was led by DJ music, and a group of persons who danced in front of the deceased’s bier. The family members and relatives of the deceased gave her a grand adieu on a happier note. The bier carriers also were seen dancing to the music beats during the last journey.

As her family members believe, Mangari lived her long life with happiness. So, instead of a gloomy goodbye, her last journey was celebrated in a unique way with music, dance, and happiness.