Cassian Baliarsingh

Raised in abject poverty in a thatched mud house, Pawan Kumar has rightfully proved that ‘if there is will, there is a way’. Beating all the obstacles, the UP boy has secured an impressive AIR-239 in the recently announced UPSC CSE 2023 exam.

From his childhood, Pawan was no stronger to the harsh realities of poverty. Growing up in a small mud house with asbestos roof, he faced numerous financial hardships as his parents could not afford him a comfortable life.

However, he clung to a single dream – to become an IAS officer and change his fate and that of his family once and forever, to get out of the nasty life in poverty. His unwavering determination in the face of adversity is truly inspirational.

With no money to afford coaching, Pawan helped his father in farming and studied at his thatched hut. Despite little to no resources at the house, he continued with his hard work and life goal. However, the journey to success wasn’t a cakewalk for him either.

He failed twice and was on the verge of giving up. However, his parents and sisters stood by him and managed the household chores while assisting him to focus on his studies. With the blessings of his parents, Pawan’s hard work finally paid off and he finally qualified the UPSC exam in his third attempt.

As education was the only thing that could help them escape their poverty, Pawan Kumar gave it his all to the UPSC preparation.

Attributing his success to his family and sisters, Pawan said, “My family had a very big role to play in my journey, especially my parents and my sisters.”