Poonam Singh

The bustling village of Modikalan in Rajasthan erupted in jubilation as Mrinalika Rathod, securing the commendable 125th rank in the UPSC CSE-2023, returned as an IAS officer. A wave of happiness swept the entire village, manifesting in a grand welcome for Mrinalika.

Amidst songs and greetings, Mrinalika was honoured with a procession, riding atop a mare, orchestrated by the village's sarpanch, Shivpal Singh Matwa, reported Aaj Tak. 

Addressing a gathering for her felicitation, Mrinalika emphasised her journey from a Hindi medium background, advocating for equitable resources for all aspirants. She underscored the insignificance of the medium in achieving success, urging candidates to persevere regardless of limitations.

Driven by the desire to set an example for women, Mrinalika expressed her belief in the power of determination and hard work. She encouraged aspiring candidates to remain steadfast in their efforts, citing her own journey from social work at Lady Shri Ram College to realising her dream of becoming an IAS officer.

Reflecting on her challenges, Mrinalika acknowledged the initial difficulties in time management and the arduous path to success. Yet, she affirmed her commitment to service and pledged to fulfill her responsibilities with utmost dedication.

Undeterred by setbacks, Mrinalika's preparation was marked by diligence and perseverance, with unwavering support from family and friends. Her unwavering focus on content coverage and revision underscored her approach to achieving her goals. 

As Mrinalika's triumph reverberated through Modikalan, it has served as a beacon of hope and inspiration for the entire community and her village.