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  • Katrina recently revealed that she did get movie offers from the West.
  • But she had to turn them down because of unfavourable circumstances.

Katrina Kaif has been the leading Bollywood actress for the last more than a decade. While her counterparts like Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt have worked in Western movies, it is surprising that Kats who was brought up in London is yet to feature in any of the Hollywood projects.

Katrina revealed that she did get the offer but had to turn down due to unfavourable circumstances. Speaking about the same recently the Bharat actress said, “I do believe it will happen, and I think that will be a whole new leaf in my book, so to speak, and exciting.”

She is considered one of the best dancers in Bollywood today. Although not trained as a dancer before coming to the film industry she did join Kathak classes to understand the basics of classical dancing. Speaking about dancing the actress said, “Dance is one thing, but I feel like Kathak is about expression. It's about a feeling, it's about expressing yourself through music. And that, for me was my foundation for movies. It was about understanding the emotion and the language of cinema.”

Katrina Kaif also expressed her mindset when she first came into the film industry. According to Kats, “I was almost quiet, a little timid, very naive, I wasn't sure of my identity in terms of what was my voice, my expression as a girl, as a woman. I was very young. So, I think that (dance) helped me find my voice.”

Her last release was Merry Christmas along with Vijay Sethupathi directed by Sriram Raghavan. The movie was based on the French novel Le Monte-charge (Bird In A Cage). Katrina said that when she read the book she loved it very much. Although Merry Christmas was not a big hit, people loved her chemistry with the South Indian star actor and even Katrina in a very different role.

The Bollywood superstar is yet to announce her new movie but hopefully will be soon seen in one of the Abbas Ali Zafar flicks based on a super-woman.

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