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Transmission of Covid-19 through dead
Being Humane To The Covid-Dead Need Of The Hour

Are Indian rules too strict and impersonal? The CDC is of the opinion that the risk of acquiring infection from a dead body is extremely low. Till date there is no hard evidence that Covid-19 can be transmitted by contact with dead bodies.

Covid-19 third wave in India
Covid 3.0: Looking At The Third Wave And Beyond

Experts have warned of a third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic in India. Even after the third wave would be over, there is no guarantee that there would be no further virus-related epidemic in India in future.

Indian women's cricket team batting coach Shiv Sunder Das
Acid ‘Test’ Awaits India's Batting Coach Shiv Sunder Das

The question is can the former Odisha captain convert this opportunity into success and cement his place? Though the answer will be known only after the end of the England tour, one thing is certain that the assignment will be a litmus test for Shiv Sunder Das.

Cyclone Yaas in Odisha amid Covid-19 pandemic
For Covid-hit Odisha, ‘Cyclone Yaas’ Couldn’t Have Come At A Worse Time

Move over Covid-19; Cyclone ‘Yaas’ is here! With the ‘very severe cyclonic storm’ in the Bay of Bengal all set to wreak havoc on the northern coast, Corona has expectedly taken a backseat in the state.

Abuse of power
Might or Right? You Could Be The Next Victim

People with money power and influence can trouble women, grab the property of others and break any law they wish. They can hire goons to threaten and kill, and spend money to publish ugly lies to ruin the reputation of good people. 

Climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic
Will 'Being Positive' Avert Pandemic Doom?

Odisha’s biodiversity has a major contribution to climate change mitigation because the emissions due to the metal & mining industry need to be absorbed and contained.

Odisha's capital city Bhubaneswar needs regeneration
'Well Planned City' Bhubaneswar Needs Regeneration To Retain Tag

Bhubaneswar enjoys wide reputation as a greatly liveable Indian city with amiable people, soothing afternoon breeze, tasty drinking water and satisfactory air, road and rail connectivity. The city should grow to greater heights as a more planned city with cleaner roads, cleaner marketplaces and healthy public space.

 Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Crohn's disease
Inflammatory Bowel Disease On The Rise: Don’t Ignore The Symptoms

Diagnosis of IBD is made by typical symptoms, some blood tests and radiological tests but mostly by colonoscopy and biopsy.

coronavirus in rural Odisha
The Greatest Good For The Greatest Numbers: Reducing Mortality In Rural Odisha

Every rural community in Odisha needs designated workers who will help them use the technology platforms to secure hospital beds and vaccine slots.

Lockdown Odisha due to Covid-19
Extension Of Pan Odisha Lockdown Now Looks Inevitable

Going by the experts' logic, there is little doubt that the daily positive count would have been much lower than it is if the restrictions imposed during the lockdown in Odisha had been observed in letter and spirit.

Odisha's Medal chance in Tokyo Olympics
Will Tokyo End Odisha’s Wait For An Olympic Medal?

An Olympic medal has become a must-win challenge for Odisha since the state is now touted as a major global sports destination and the sports capital of India.

Odisha MSME boost can offer huge job opportunities
Throbbing MSMEs Can Throw Up Jobs In Odisha With The Right Push & Pull

Odisha’s MSME sector has about 4.50 lakh entities with investment of about Rs 22000 crore and employs close to 17 lakh people.

Nrusingha Simhachalam And Its Odia Connection
Simhachalam And Its Odia Connection

The main temple is built in the Kalingan style of architecture and carving— that is because it was made by Langula Narasingha Deba, the same ruler who built the Sun Temple of Konarka.

Cyclone in the times of Covid-19
Cyclone In The Times Of Covid-19!

A cyclone can snap the power supply to Covid hospitals. Even if power is restored in a few hours, many could die in a matter of minutes. Hospitals must maintain fuel reserves of a few days to run back up power generators.

The Veena In Odisha’s Culture And Odissi Music
The Veena's Note In Odisha Culture And Odissi Music

The Veena was one of the mandatory sevas at the Jagannatha Temple of Puri. Musicians used to be appointed in the temple to sing and play traditional Odissi classical songs.