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Op-Ed: Rulers Must Ensure That Police Morale Remains High

Bhubaneswar: Recently we saw on our TV screens disturbing visuals of a bunch of hoodlums ransacking a police station in the state capital and attacking the men in khaki. Some of the accused, who are believed to have political connections, have since been arrested. It is reassuring that Police Commissioner has promised action against all […]

Op-Ed: Will Rahul Visit Boost Congress Prospects in Odisha?

Bhubaneswar: On his third visit to the state in the last two months, Congress president Rahul Gandhi did not put a foot wrong in Jeypore, the political and commercial nerve centre of undivided Koraput district, on the International Women’s Day. The dimple cheeked Gandhi scion first unleashed a charm offensive wowing young girls and women […]

Lockdown 2021: Last Chance For Odisha Citizens To Mend Their Ways

This is the best that the Odisha government could have come up with. As this columnist had said three days ago, a prolonged lockdown had become inevitable given the rapidly…

Op-Ed: Will Dama Rout’s saffron gambit pay off?

As defections go, this one is certainly the mother of all defections. Dr. Damodar Rout, the self-proclaimed disciple of Biju Patnaik, lifelong socialist and trenchant critic of the BJP brand of politics till just a few weeks ago, has dived headlong into the ‘lotus’ pond in what can only be described as a desperate gambit […]

Op-Ed: BJD ploy of 33% of LS tickets for women could work both ways

As soon as it was announced, commentators were quick to hail it as a ‘game changer’. But nearly a week down the line, it is increasingly becoming clear that the 33% reservation of Lok Sabha seats for women by Biju Janata Dal (BJD) supremo in Kendrapara, the first time any party in India has done […]

Naveen Patnaik
Op-Ed: Managing revolt within will be Naveen’s biggest challenge in Election 2019

It is a house on fire right now. The ruling Biju Janata Dal (BJD), which has emerged the clear front-runner in most pre-election surveys, is currently busy firefighting after the announcement of the first list of party candidates for the simultaneous Lok Sabha polls in Odisha last Wednesday. The rate at which BJD leaders are […]

Op-Ed: Congress has only flattered to deceive

Till a few weeks ago, it looked like the Congress, which has been in the doghouse for the better part of two decades now, was beginning to rediscover its moorings. The victories in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh – the latter, in particular – had provided just the spark the moribund party organization needed to […]

Op-Ed: How Naveen Patnaik has fooled the two ‘national’ parties for 15 years

It has been the subject of street corner gossip for as long as one can remember. But on Sunday, BJD supremo and Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik lent authenticity to what had so far remained only in the realm of speculation. Normally, it is extremely difficult to pin Naveen down to the numbers game, who restricts […]

Op-Ed: Another Time, Another Election

Technically speaking, I had my first taste of Indian elections in the winter of December, 1984. An aspiring journalist at the time, I was sent to Mayurbhanj as part of an extensive opinion poll on the post-Indira Gandhi general elections in December being conducted by the mint-fresh Odia daily ‘Sambad’. [Happy to tell you I […]

Op-Ed: Down the memory lane: An object lesson In election reporting

Bhubaneswar: I cut my journalistic teeth reporting for a highly respected newspaper–perhaps the best and the most powerful in the country ( it still is)—in undivided Bihar. The state was a political hotbed and you never had a dull moment. In the cauldron politics of the state in those days George Fernandes, the maverick socialist […]

2019 election results in Odisha, split voting
Op-Ed: High Stake Battles To Spice Up Elections

Bhubaneswar: Some interesting battles are on the cards in these elections which are a crucial test of popularity for the three major parties of the state, more so for the Naveen Patnaik-led Biju Janata Dal (BJD) and its principal rival, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Though Congress has the potential to make the contest truly […]

Op-Ed: Family To The Fore in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Sons, daughters and wives, this election seems to be all about family. Major political parties, which do not tire of railing against dynastic politics, appear to be promoting the same. A look at their list of candidates suggests that powerful families have managed to get more than one ticket. Take for example the case […]

Op-Ed: Will Dilip Ray Also Return to BJP?

Bhubaneswar: With veteran Bijay  Mohapatra mollified and back in the BJP fold there is intense speculation about the possible return of his comrade-in-arms, former union minister, Dilip Ray to the party. Ray, who was elected to the state assembly from Rourkela on a BJP ticket in 2014, had quit the party miffed at the inordinate […]

Odisha elections 2019
Op-Ed: Major Parties in Odisha Face Rebel Threat

Bhubaneswar: Candidate selection is invariably an invidious exercise in any political party at the time of elections. But the wave of discontent currently sweeping the three major parties of the state over the issue is perhaps unprecedented. There have been wholesale resignations from the ruling BJD with most of these leaders joining the BJP which, […]

Op-Ed: BJP Needs To Work Harder, Strategise Better

Bhubaneswar: If the BJP really aspires to emerge as the alternative to the Biju  Janata  Dal  ( BJD ) in Odisha it has to perform well in all parts of the state in these elections. The focus, however, would be on how it fares in coastal and western Odisha, the regions that have been dominating […]