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Op-Ed: Restoring Lost Greenery A Herculean Task

By Ashutosh Mishra Bhubaneswar: One of the biggest casualties of cyclone Fani has been the green cover of the areas hit by it. Destruction of trees in cities like Bhubaneswar and Puri has been massive, making large areas completely bare of any kind of foliage. The capital city, one of the greenest in the country, […]

Op-Ed: Did the govt really evacuate 14 lakh people before ‘Fani’?

Former Chief Minister Giridhar Gamang has set the cat among pigeons by raising the question that everyone – except apologists of the Naveen Patnaik government, of course – wanted to ask but did not muster the courage to do so: Did the government, as it has claimed, really ‘evacuate’ 14 lakh people in the hours […]

Op-Ed: Congress and BJP Make Their Moves Ahead of May 23

By Ashutosh Mishra Bhubaneswar: As parties await May 23 with bated breath indications are that it is going to be a tight race between BJP and its rivals. The BJP may not like such a scenario to emerge but it has to prepare itself for that. Newspaper reports suggest that Congress is already reaching out […]

Op-Ed: Of Fani, Coconuts and Fishing Woes

By Ashutosh Mishra Bhubaneswar: Cyclone Fani has laid waste huge coconut plantations in Puri district. The destruction is visible as one drives along national highway 306 from Bhubaneswar to Puri. Acres of coconut plantations have been flattened by the gale that wreaked unprecedented havoc on this land for more than three hours on May 3. […]

Op-Ed: Should We Take Surya Patro’s ‘Naveen for PM’ Chant Seriously?

How seriously should we take senior BJD leader Surya Narayan Patro’s “Naveen for PM” call? Did he speak out of turn? Or did he have the sanction of the party supremo before going public with it? Having watched how things work in the ruling party since its inception, this columnist would tend to go with […]

Op-Ed: Exit Polls Bring Worrying Portents for Naveen

[A disclaimer is perhaps in order at the very outset. This columnist has never taken Exit Polls or their findings seriously and has always believed in waiting for the actual results to roll out before trying to make sense of the ‘verdict’. Hence, he would hold his breath till May 23 before drawing any conclusion. […]

Op-Ed: A Mandate in Favour of Naveen and Modi

By Ashutosh Mishra Bhubaneswar: Odisha watchers might be bewildered by the elections results in the state. The BJP has made big gains in the Lok Sabha with its tally set to reach 7 from the 1 it had in 2014. But the voters’ enthusiasm for the party in the Lok Sabha has not been reflected […]

Op-Ed: BJP Must Break BJD’s Stranglehold On the Coast

By Ashutosh Mishra Bhubaneswar: With five out of BJP’s eight Lok Sabha seats coming from western Odisha it is clear that the party’s growth in the state has been lopsided. While it has strengthened itself further in the western belt, its traditional stronghold, it has not been able to make any significant inroads into the […]

Op-Ed: Naveen and His ‘Fifth Symphony’

By Sandeep Sahu There are two kinds of Odias. The first, clearly in a majority, think he is the best thing that has happened to Odisha since independence. That he is the ‘outsider’ who has made Odisha his home and has done what none of the ‘insiders’ who preceded him could; he is honest to […]

students caste income certificate
Scrapping +10 Exams Was The Only Viable Option

The misgivings are understandable. For one thing, there is no clarity yet on how exactly the six lakh odd Class X students, all set to sit for their annual Board…

Mamata's All-Round Siege, See What Are The Political Challenges?
Mamata's All-Round Siege, See What Are The Political Challenges?

With the Assembly election approaching, political activities in West Bengal are getting momentum in the state. The election heat in Bengal can be gauged through the whirlwind rallies, meetings, and public gathering by different political parties. The ruling TMC supremo and Chief Minister Mamata Benerjee ousted the Left from power in 2011 with the help […]

Oral Hygiene At Risk! Things You Must Know To Avoid Dental Problems

By Dr Subasish Behera Gone are the days when dental treatments and a visit to a dentist were a horror story. With constant advancements in technology and remedies, dental treatments have become so advanced that they are painless and less invasive now. Dentistry, in spite of being one of the oldest branches of medicine, is […]

Rise Of Mamata: From A Student Leader To The Chief Minister Of West Bengal
Rise Of Mamata: From A Student Leader To The Chief Minister Of West Bengal

The Assembly Election 2021 in Bengal is going to be conducted just after a few days. So political activities are gaining momentum in the state. This time the election is going to be very interesting. On one hand, the Trinamool Congress (TMC) supremo and the Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Benerjee is trying to […]

Op-Ed: Electric Bus In Smart Bhubaneswar

Ease of Living Index (EoLI)-2020 is a futuristic tool that forms the basis of a report prepared by the Government of India. The latest one has surveyed nationally and deduced that Bhubaneswar is the second most liveable city among the small cities of India. Smart City Bhubaneswar was the first ranked smart city proposal in […]

Star War In Bengal Election
Star War In Bengal Election

The Bengal election getting interesting day by day. Now the reel life heroes and heroines whose life was limited within the light, camera and action mode are now trying their luck on the real election battle ground. Keeping in mind the popularity of the cine actors and actress, different political parties are also trying to […]