Odisha’s 14th AIR Station inaugurated in Rairangpur

Rairangpur: Union minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas, Dharmendra Pradhan inaugurated a new All India Radio (AIR) station at Rairangpur in Mayurbhanj district on Sunday.

With this, Odisha now has 14 AIR stations.

Talking to the media, Director of Cuttack AIR station, Subhas Chandra Mohanty said initially all programmes of Rairangpur AIR station would be relayed through the Cuttack AIR station on the 102 megahertz frequency.

“There are a number of Jhumar artists from Mayurbhanj district presently working at Cuttack AIR station, who frequently go to Rairangpur to record their programmes. We will relay these programmes for the people of Rairangpur locality through Cuttack AIR station. Later the programmes would be relayed from Rairangpur AIR station after it becomes fully operational,” he added.

He said the all programmes of Rairangpur AIR station would be available in 106 and 102 on the FM band from 5 AM to 11 PM every day.