Woman seeks DNA test after Champua MLA’s son denies relationship

Bhubaneswar: Kavita Mahakud, the woman who claims to be the wife of Pankaj Mahakud, son of Champua MLA Sanatan Mahakud, today pressed for a DNA test of her daughter after Pankaj flatly denied marrying her and or haivng any relationship with her.

Kavita Mahakud had lodged a harassment case against Sanatan at the Mahila police station here.

The statement of Pankaj recorded as per section 161 revealed that that the MLA’s son has denied having any relationship whatsoever with Kavita. Pankaj has also said that he has no child and the photograph that is being produced as evidence of his marriage has been morphed by Kavita. He has claimed that he has never called Kavita on the phone and nor visited Malkangiri. In his statement, Pankaj has said that he only knows Kavita as a relative from her sister-in-law’s side.

Pankaj has also clarified that he married as per his father’s wish and was not forced into it.

The statement was recorded by the Mahila Police IIC who visited Pankaj’s house after the latter failed to appear before the police.

Reacting to Pankaj’s statement, Kavita said; “If everything is false, then why is Pankaj hiding? He should come out in the open and face me. I will go for a DNA test of my daughter, which will prove the truth,” she said.