Centre seeks report on stock-holding of pulses in malls

Bhubaneswar: The Ministry of Consumer Affairs has written a letter to the State Consumer Welfare Department asking it to submit a report on the stock-holding of pulses in various shopping malls as part of the Government’s anti-hoarding operations.

In the letter, it is mentioned that Arhar and Urad dals are sold at below Rs 100 in shopping outlets like Reliance Fresh and Big Bazaar. The Ministry asked the State Consumer Welfare Department to find out whether the malls have ample stock of pulses with them or not. It also sought to know whether the department has raided the retail counters of the malls. Following this, the department today wrote to the Cuttack and Khurdha Civil Supply officers (CSOs) to give report on the accumulation of pulse in Big Bazaar and other outlets.

Notably, the State Government had on May 17 put a limit on the stock holding limit for wholesalers and retailers. Accordingly, a wholesaler can stock a maximum of 2000 quintals of pulses while the limit for retailers has been set at 50 quintals. However, traders’ associations alleged that no such limits have been put on the shopping outlets. The instruction of the Centre and promptness of the State Government are only farce.

Consumer Welfare Minister Sanjay Dashburma said it is observed that some multi-national shopping malls in Khurdha and Cuttack districts are hording price of pulses. The concerned CSOs have been asked to submit a report on this.