Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Cheating life partner is illegal and it also triggers serious domestic discord between the couples. How would a man or woman react when his/her life partner is cheating? Certainly, the person being cheated will get devastated after finding out about the extramarital affair of his/her life partner.

Here we bring a video of what a woman did after unearthing her husband’s extramarital affair.

As seen in the video, a woman is fighting with her husband on the streets. While the woman is yelling and pushing her husband, the half-nude man is trying to pacify her. Next, she enters her home but immediately turns back to throw his dress outside. 

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Meanwhile, the neighbours are enjoying the high-voltage drama of the couple on the street.

Though the next visuals show the woman chasing a girl in a towel, the later visuals clarify the truth behind it. 

In the next visuals, the woman is seen standing next to the gate of her house and yelling at her husband. Meanwhile, a girl draping a towel is seen on the balcony of the same house. She takes a peep downstairs to locate the woman, who is locking the gate. 

The couple argued for a while and the woman entered her house after opening the gate. Finding this as an opportunity, the girl tries to climb down from the balcony. But, to her bad luck, when she is a few steps away from stepping on the ground, the woman rushes out of her house and finds the girl stuck in the middle of the gate.

While the woman jumped on to catch the girl, her husband caught her from behind and the girl climbed up again. 

The woman again rushed inside the house to catch her husband’s girlfriend, and the girl walks out to the balcony again.

It seems, the girl managed to get down from the balcony and the woman chased her in the streets later.

Though the origin source of the viral video was not traced, it was re-shared by GJ0082 on Twitter recently.

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