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Indian weddings are all about decorations, celebrations, music, and dance. Without any of these essential elements, weddings seem to be colourless. But, above all, drama is unavoidable at Indian weddings. 

Though dramas may trigger a depressing environment for the bride’s and groom’s families, the spectators enjoy the moment. 
Fights between the groom and bride side are nothing new. Even, fights between a bride and groom can be easily encountered these days. Several videos capturing awkward moments at weddings are surfacing these days. All thanks to social media! 

But, have you ever imagined what would be the reaction of a groom when he witnesses his bride dancing with her boyfriend and later hugs him tightly?

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Here we bring a video that shows such an awkward moment. 

As seen in the video, a youth is dancing to the music beats of a Hindi song, “Tujhko Hi Dulhan Banaunga,” from Chalo Ishq Ladaye, sung by Sonu Nigam and Alka Yagnik. 

Suddenly, the bride in her bridal getup jumps in and joins the youth. The duo continues to dance to the music beats of the song while the spectators around are enjoying their dance. 

The groom is also seen among the spectators and is enjoying his bride’s dance. 

However, when the lyrics play, “Mujhko jo thukrayegi” the youth gets emotional and gestures to the bride and the groom walks away from the scene. Suddenly, the bride falls on the youth and hugs him tight. Next, both the youth and the bride get extremely emotional and hug each other tightly. Both were hard to separate even after many tries. 

Meanwhile, the music stops playing and the bride is heard breaking down while hugging the youth.

The video shared on Twitter by Jaiky Yadav has garnered over 301K with thousands of likes. This video has triggered hilarious comments from the netizens and the flow of comments is unstoppable.

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