Rashmi Rekha Das

The art of draping a saree is an art in itself. When we see someone wearing a saree, the draping looks very easy. When it comes to draping it ourselves, we find it quite challenging. Though most women know the saree draping technique, but fail to drape it perfectly.

Though saree draping in India is a common daily activity for women, a recent video of a man draping a saree with perfection has left the internet speechless.

It was shared on Twitter by Punjabi Touch with caption ‘Bro almost made me want to buy it’. 

In the video, a man, who seems like a shopkeeper, can be seen standing on the table and setting the pleats of a black saree efficiently. Pleats are what hold the entire attire together. Later he is seen tucking the saree in and then fixes from the side to give the attire a graceful look. 

Internet is stunned as he nails the whole process so efficiently, making it look extremely easy and smooth.

The video has 42,000 views and over a thousand likes. 

The user also mentions the location as ‘Gali Dastagir wali near madni market, Gurjanwala.’

"Skill is commendable," said one user.

A second user wrote: "My, that's a beautiful saree and he drapes it so expertly."

"He slayed tbh," reads another comment.

"Wish i could do it as well as him," said another person.

"Okay that was pretty swift!" “maintained yet another a user.