Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

An extramarital affair is illegal and causes serious domestic discord between the married couple. While adultery is a criminal offence, it ruins the family leaving several dependents devastated. How should a woman or a man react after unearthing about his/her partner's extramarital affair?

Here we bring a video that shows how a woman reacted to her husband’s extramarital affair. Instead of waiting for verbal discussion or any legal course of action, the brave woman in Burqa launched an immediate attack on her husband as well as the girl.

The fight among the woman, her husband and the girl turned the gym into a battleground. 

In the video, the woman is seen violently yelling holding a slipper in her hand. Meanwhile, her husband is trying to stop her while another young girl is heard shouting.

The man shouts and tries to push his angry wife aside but gets a hit on his face with the slipper. The woman continues hitting her husband with the slipper while the other girl continues to yell. 

As soon as the woman got freed from the grip of her husband, she launched a sudden attack on the girl with the slipper. She didn’t even give anyone a chance to think. 

After a while, the man pushed the girl into another room while trying to control his wife. 

While things seemed to be normal, again the woman rushed to the girl and held her by her hair. After a good thrashing, she pulled her out of the room by her hair. The man again interrupted and tried to detach them but all in vain. The woman’s grip was quite strong and she also held her husband by his hair.

While the law of the land never encourages one to take the law into one's own hands, from the video it seems (as the man can be heard saying) a divorce case of the couple is underway.